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Alternative Loans If You Have Bad Credit

                If you have found yourself in need of a loan, you may have had a hard time securing one if you have bad credit. Most banks won't give out a loan if your credit score or your credit history is poor. When this happens to you, you'll have to find alternative places to get a loan. Below we'll list some places you can look to for a loan when you have bad credit.

Use Your Home or Car as Equity:

                A direct lender is more likely to give you a loan if you have something to secure it with. If you are a home owner, you can put your home up as equity. You can also do this with just your car with a logbook loan. Logbook loans are easy to find online, and with some basic information about you and your car, you can have a loan in just 24 hours. There is always a risk when you put your home or car up as equity, but as long as you make your payments on time, you should have nothing to worry about.

Join a Credit Union

                Joining a credit union is about as close as you can get to getting a loan from a bank. When you join a credit union, you become a shareholder. The way credit unions handle loans is that you are required to make a cash deposit. The more money to deposit, the larger the loan you are able to take out. Of course all credit unions are different, so find one by you and check it out. See what kinds of loans they offer and see if it is a good fit for you. To find a credit union by you, you can visit this site.

Ask Friends of Family

                Asking someone for money can be difficult, but if you are really in a jam, you might not have another option. Friends and family are more likely to lend you money if they know you are trustworthy and will pay it back when you can.  Just be aware that money can complicate a relationship, so be sure to pay the money back as soon as you can, or your relationship with that person may suffer.

Online Loans

                Lastly, you can try to secure a loan online. There are many websites that will allow you to quickly apply for a loan online and see if you qualify. The interest rates and penalties on these can often be high though, so always do your research and think it over before applying for a loan.


                These are just a few of the options you have when you want to secure a loan but have bad credit. If you decide that you want to go the logbook loan route, you can fill out the quick application on our site and you'll instantly be connected to some of our trusted lenders. They are a great way to get cash quickly and all you need to have is a car.