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Have you found yourself with an overwhelming amount of debt? Do you think it's impossible for you to get yourself out of it? Well get that thought out of your head. If you have a car, you can get yourself a loan in just a couple of minutes to help you climb your way out of your debt.

Who We Are:

Isli Loans provides money for those people whose credit won't allow them to get a loan elsewhere. Everyone who has a car is eligible for a loan from us. Logbook loans are a great way to get cash immediately to help yourself with any debt problems.

We know how difficult having credit problems can be. Credit problems are often caused by unforeseeable events that are out of our control. We want to help you get back on your feet by providing you with cash right when you need it. All we ask from you is a few seconds of your time to fill out our application and we'll get back to you right away with your free quote. You will then be contacted by one of our trusted lenders, who will talk with you about securing a logbook loan.

Logbook Loans:

If you haven't heard of logbook loans before, there is plenty of information on the internet to help you get more familiar. For starters, you can check out the Wikipedia page on Logbook Loans. This will give you a brief glimpse as to how these loans work.

Essentially, a logbook loan, or a V5 loan as it is also known, allows you to put your vehicle up as collateral and withdraw cash immediately. The lender keeps your vehicle “logbook” or V5 document, which allows it to repossess your car if you fail to repay the loan in the agreed upon time.

There are no credit checks for logbook loans, so they are ideal if you have a bad credit score or poor credit history. When other places deny you a loan because of your credit, you might want to consider a logbook loan as your next option.

Why Choose Us:

There are many sites out there that offer logbook loans. You may have even heard of some of our competitors, like and Simply LogbookSimply Logbook, and are wondering why you should choose Isli Loans instead? For starters, Isli Loans will work with you to provide you with a loan that suits your needs. Our loan application takes only a short amount of time, and then your money is on it's way.

We offer no obligation, absolutely free quotes for everyone. We also provide our users with a quick application process, free credit checks, and same day approval. Finally, when you choose Isli Loans you can be sure that you'll get flexible repayment terms and absolutely no hidden charges. With all of these benefits, why wouldn't you choose Isli Loans?

How It Works:

You can either fill out our online application to get a free instant quote, or contact us any time if you have any questions. Any one who has a car, no matter your credit score or history, is eligible for one of our logbook loans. After you receive your quote, you'll be contacted by a certified and trusted lender. You'll provide them with details like your current income and the type of car you own. From this you'll work out how much money you can borrow and a repayment schedule. Once approved, you'll get your money within 24 hours. After that all you have to do is make your payments on time. Our lenders will work with you to make sure that all of your payments are doable, so that you don't get in over your head. The best part is that while you have your loan, you get to keep driving your car. Our lenders know that transportation is probably vital to you making money, so they let you keep your car while you pay them back.

Use Your Car for Cash Today!

If you are in desperate need for financial help, don't wait any longer to contact us.  Isli Loans are the solution you have been searching for. We know how hard it is to get a loan when you have bad credit. We want to make the process simple for you so that you can get back on your feet in no time at all. By using Isli Loans you can get the loan everyone else denied you, today.